Caribbean Mean SSTs and Winds

by Geoff Samuels

Click on any of the icons below to view the monthly averaged sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and surface winds for the Caribbean Sea. Each month represents an eleven year average from 1985 through 1995. The SST data came from the Pathfinder AVHRR project and were processed by E. Ryan using an objective analysis package developed by A. Mariano. The wind data came from the NCEP/NCAR CDAS/Reanalysis Project.

Jan SST Jan Feb SST Feb Mar SST Mar
Apr SST Apr May SST May Jun SST Jun
Jul SST Jul Aug SST Aug Sep SST Sep
Oct SST Oct Nov SST Nov Dec SST Dec

See also A. Mariano's Pathfinder AVHRR SST and Coast Guard MGSVA Surface Currents

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