The Mexican current as represented by the Mariano Global Surface Velocity Analysis (MGSVA). Click here for example plots of seasonal averages.
In addition to the Loop Current, there is suggestion of a western boundary current in the western Gulf of Mexico which Sturges and Blaha (1976) called the Mexican Current. The Mexican current is found in the western part of the gulf stream between a cyclone/anticyclone pair (Maul and Herman, 1985). This cyclone/anticyclone pair has been seen in numerous studies (Nolin and McLellan, 1967; Merrell and Morrison, 1981; Brooks and Legeckis, 1982). Brooks and Legeckis (1982) found a jet-like eastward flow under the frontal boundary between the cyclone and anticyclone. Maximum speeds for this current are 74 cm/s with transports of 31.5 Sv while between the cyclone and anticyclone. They estimated a net transport across the section of 8.9 Sv. This corresponds well with Sturges and Blaha's (1976) estimation of speeds of 70-100 cm/s and transport of 10 Sv. Numerical models of Hurlburt and Thompson (1982) and Elliot (1982) suggest that the cyclone/ anticyclone pair is formed as a result of forcing from anticyclonic rings generated by the Loop Current. Wind stress does appear to strengthen this feature (Merrell and Morrison, 1981) but it does not appear to be the sole source of the anticyclone/cyclone as Sturges and Blaha (1976) had suggested.


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