Ocean Surface Currents

OceanCurrents.rsmas.miami.edu has greatly benefitted from the work and input of many people. Students from MAST High School (Miami) and the division of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami started the library research under the supervision of Donald B. Olson and Arthur J. Mariano.

Further library research was performed by Krystyna Kolaczynski and Elizabeth Rowe. Ms. Rowe started the writing of the surface current text, and Joanna Gyory and Barbie Bischof wrote the text for most of the currents in the Atlantic Ocean. Donald B. Olson and Edward J. Kearns supplied material, from their on-line class notes, for the Glossary. Comments by Silvia Garzoli, Harley Hurlburt, William E. Johns, John C. Kindle, Jim J. O'Brien, Donald B. Olson, and Robert Stewart have greatly improved OceanCurrents.rsmas.miami.edu.

Edward H. Ryan constructed this web-site, and produced almost all of the figures and graphics in OceanCurrents.rsmas.miami.edu, with help from Joanna Gyory and Arthur J. Mariano. Geoff Samuels and Jean Carpenter contributed a significant amount of graphics.

The knowledge on this site is due to the collection, archiving, and free availability of oceanographic and atmospheric data. These data were collected by thousands of people, sometimes in dangerous conditions. Their hard work, dedication, and sacrifices are duly noted and are greatly appreciated.

The free availability and easy access to all environmental data is crucial to efficient scientific research and progress. We urge you to fight the commercialization of environmental data.